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Alles over Infserv

Info Service Belgium (ISB)

Info Service Belgium (ISB) has been founded in 1987. At the start, the main activity was offering custom made software. But after some time, there has been a second activity: `outsourcing´. From then on, customers can go to ISB for everything involving software, hardware and communication.

Over the years, ISB has developped a wide experience in setting up, developping and maintaining databases. Database Administrators inspect your database thoroughly resulting in advice for an optimal management and maintenance.

Early 2000 ISB has made a very important move involving Cloud- and webbased- applications. ISB has developped, for the first time in Ghent, an application with one central database that different maritime enterprises can adress to enlist the accomplishments of the dockworkers of Ghent, and using this to calculate the wages.

After that, ISB kept evolving to developping webbased-applications and offering Cloud-features. ISB also helps customers make there choiche in the wide offer regarding IT and communication. ISB offers the customer an integrated solution that answers his needs.


To bring projects to a good end, good coöperation and efficient interaction with the customers is key. At Info Service Belgium we have a strong and experienced team of IT'ers at our side. Customers are not numbers for our enterprise, but partners that help us realise every project in a transparant way.

... efficient interaction ...

... a strong and experienced team of associates ...


Contact us!

Info Service Belgium

Dok Noord 2
9000 GENT (België)

BTW: BE 0431.375.925

Tel. : +32 (0)9 265 97 70
Fax. : +32 (0)9 265 97 79