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As a region, local consultation platform (LOP), school group, ... you can create a fair distribution of free school places by using our digital platform On this website parents can register themselves but mainly their child and on this website parents can express their school preferences for their child(ren).

As a region, local consultation platform (LOP), school group, ... you can have all primary schools of your region, of your group, included in the digital platform. The schools can decide for themselves on what basis the children should be assigned to their school; on the basis of distance (home school or workplace school) or by chance.

Free enrolment with gets a nice prologue, open school places are mapped and matched with the preferences of the parents. In this way, pre-registrations are created, so to speak, and this will make effective enrolment a lot smoother and easier.

There is no time pressure for the parents. The time at which a parent registers his/her child does not have any influence on the distribution of free places, as long as the parent respects the pre-registration period. All parents are therefore offered an equal opportunity to enrol their child(ren) in a school of their choice.

By registering at, free school places are consistently allocated and, fortunately, school camping can be said goodbye.

1.5 months after registering, parents will be informed which school their child has been assigned to. If the parents agree, they can go to the school to arrange the registration, the place is reserved anyway (pre-registered). If the parents do not agree, the parents can decide not to follow the choice of

Parents who register on have priority over parents who do not use the site. Parents can indicate several schools on in the order of their preference. Indicator places are taken into account and priority drives such as brother/sister in the school and/or parent is staff in the school.

We have therefore taken different parameters into account in the platform. In any case, the range of parameters ensures that parents who register on increase their chances of enrolling their child in their preferred school. Why wait to get started with our platform?

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