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Info Service Belgium (ISB) has developed i-Member, a complete solution for sport federations and sport clubs. i-Member is an online application. Federations, clubs and members have access to a central database, each with their own login and their own user rights. This database is available whenever and wherever. The only thing you need is a computer with Internet connection. No more problems with different versions of programs. No more problems with different data. Everyone is working with the same version in the same data files.

i-Member consists of different modules that can be adapted to the needs of the federations, clubs or members. You can choose flexibly which modules are useful to you, and you can always expand.

The core of i-Member consists of the following modules:

  • Members management
  • Competitions / Games / races / matches
  • Events
  • i-Quest

The Member management module allows you to manage all data from your federation, your club or your members and customers on one central place. All personal data but also the type of membership, the level of the athlete, the composition of the training groups, etc. are available on one central place.

In the Member management module different transactions can be defined : membership fees, insurance, hire of equipment, types of licenses, publications, etc. Each transaction can be linked to a certain cost price. These transactions can be set for each level: federations, clubs, members.

Payment invitations can be automatically generated based upon the transactions. Later on, the payments can be imported by means of Coda files.

The Members Management module offers you in an easy way an overview of the memberships that have to be renewed (clubs or members).

The module Competitions allows sporters to register online for competitions or tournaments. Start lists, live scores and results can be displayed on a screen in the club or on the Internet. An athlete can follow his evolution online.

The module Competitions is developed in close cooperation with the federations or clubs, because this module is to a great extent determined by the type of sport.

The module Events offers the possibility to define activities or events in a flexible way, for which members or non-members can register online. For example introduction for beginners, summer courses, etc.

With i-Quest federations and clubs can receive complex information from the database. This tool enables management or the board to get all kinds of statistics, such as the evolution and composition of the member base (age, location, level), the degree of participation in competitions, financial data, etc.

In addition to the four core modules federations or clubs can choose for additional modules, such as:

Bloso/Adeps-module: in order to carry out a correct and clear reporting to Bloso or Adeps (Belgian governmental institutions).

i-Doc is our product to generate mailings to individuals or to a selection of members, even personalized mailings by mail merge fields are possible. You can also store your mailing templates for future use.

i-Card: offers the possibility to use intelligent membership cards and to assign a variety of functionalities to them, such as access control.

Following organizations have already chosen for i-Member:

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