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The 'Hole-in-one' Golf Software


For the club

Member Management: managing the personal information of your members: contactinfo, type of member, financial records, handicaphistory and so on.

i-Doc mail : an easy tool to send mails to certain groups of your members. For example: seniors, juniors, ladies, starts, participants of a certain game, and so on.

Game Management: signing up participants, automatic starting lists, choiche from different scorecard (with logo's of sponsors, toBirdie cards), entering scores, making lists, managing handicapchanges. Different types of games and tournaments (eclectic, wintecup). 

i-Score : a simple site to enter the scores by the players themselves or someone with permission to do so. This creates the opportunity for live scoring on the course.

i-Quest : the management-tool for statistics regarding your members, following starters, handicapevolution, competitions, your courses, and so on.

For the golfer: i-Golf InterActive

i-Golf InterActive is the preferred site for the Belgian golfer, consultable by PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Member Management: a golfer can consult his own personal information and if necessary change them. These changes are automatically visible in the club's packet.

Game Management : members can consult the calendar of their own club and others, sign up if they meet the requirements (and if required pay online). Members, startinglists and rankings are available in detail. The golfers will find their handicaphistory like on the scorecard.

Clubinfo and statistics: the members can keep a personal statistic of their results. they can consult statistics about the game on the courses in their club.

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