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Organise your regatta online!

Are you organizing a regatta or rowing competition ? Do you need an online organizational tool that is easily accessible ? Would you like participants, coaches and fans to follow the (interim) results online and in real time on PC, tablet or smartphone?

That's possible. Info Service Belgium (ISB) can offer you the ideal online application for organizing your regatta : i-Row.


Every competition starts with the registration of participants. With i-Row this can be easily done in three ways:

  1. Participants can register in advance via a public webpage.
  2. Participants must first request a login-id and password. Then they can register for a race. You have the possibility to link the registration to an online payment.
  3. You, as organizer, can register participants as well.

Registrations are always confirmed by e- mail. 

Closing registrations

i-Row offers two options to close the registration:

  1. At a certain predetermined time there is a full stop of registrations.
  2. There is a predetermined registration stop, but yet there is still a possibility for a late registration. This entry will have automatically the indication: "late"


The draw of the different races can be based on various parameters:

  • at random
  • by time
  • by age
  • ... 

i-Row offers reports in an attractive layout:
  • You have also the possibility to work with handicaps.
  • Entries by race (can be sent automatically to the clubs concerned for confirmation)
  • Entries by club (can be sent automatically to the clubs concerned for confirmation)
  • Draw
  i-Row also provides statistic reports:
  • By country
  • By club
  • By gender
  • By race
  • By age
  • By type of boat
  • ...

i-Row produces start lists for jury members. The times and split times can be entered manually.

In collaboration with external time-recording systems (eg Concept 2, TimeTronics... ), the times and the intermediate times can also be recorded automatically.  

If necessary, you can also use the "progression-system" (heats, repechage, quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals).


The online application i-Row also offers results-reports:

  • Results list by event
  • Summary lists or detailed lists
  • Final ranking list
  • Medals ranking list

All interested parties can consult the results online and in real time on a television screen, a computer, tablet of smartphone.

There is an on-line confirmation page available for jury members. They can confirm the results of the races online.


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